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Combining 4 PDF files into 1 ...

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  • Combining 4 PDF files into 1 ...

    I'm kinda of OCD/neat-freak and looking to combine all of the PDF files into 1 PDF file so that 1 "book" appears in iBooks instead of 4. I can combine the files pretty easily using Adobe Acrobat X. That said, I have a couple questions I was hoping someone might be able to help with:

    1) Is there a larger file of the Forecaster cover (for 2012 & 2013)? I've been using the one from the main page but it is only 200 x 200. I can use this, but there is black space on the sides (I'm OCD, remember)

    2) Is there a way to combine all 4 PDF files into 1, AND add chapters?

    If anyone has done this before, I would appreciate your help.

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    If you open any one of them in PDFReader on your computer, there is an option to "insert pages", just browse to the other docs and insert into any one of the them and save it. (That doesn't answer the question about chapters though.)

    There is full-book PDF kicking around, too, so send me a PM if the above doesn't work for you.


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      Appreciate it. I figured it was pretty simple. I just wish I could add chapters ...

      Any chance I can get a larger file of the cover?