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    Can you tell me how often the player projections for the rest of the season get updated?


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    See the last FAQ at this page. The answer is daily updates to the projections until about mid-September.

    The playing time analysts for each team update projected rest of the season playing time as needed. The skills portion of the projections are updated automatically as the current year performance is gradually blended in, with occassional manual adjustments when warranted.
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      I was wondering the same thing. Thanks for answering that. I was hoping to just ask a specific question. A player like Cuddyer, who supposedly will be on the shelf for 3 weeks, still looks like his projections are for what he was projected to do for rest of year before injury. I was curious would something that specific be tweaked, bringing in the injury factor? Or is what is projected still what is felt Cuddyer will do even when back healthy? Just curious, more for trade purposes than anything. Thanks!
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        It should be "what he will do over the rest of the season from when he comes off the dL.