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Rutledge data not in mack tracker

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  • Rutledge data not in mack tracker

    I noticed that when I loaded Rutledge (SS, COL) into my Mack team and ran the report, it would let me add him to my team, but no data shows up on the report...not even the YTD stats (I noticed that on his player profile, no projections). This is probably something on your list to get to, just thought I would give you a heads up.

    Also, I noticed this year that the CSV export works fine on the Mack reports, but when I show display, it cuts off the right hand side of the report. This is different from prior years, where I could scroll over if displaying a lot of categories.

    I run this on a Mac and use Safari....but have tried it with FireFox too. I tend to export to put in my own spreadsheet, but thought I would let you know.
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