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Persistent "Script" issue with Playerlink via IE

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  • Persistent "Script" issue with Playerlink via IE

    I use Internet Explorer on all my computers and on all of them, every time I am accessing Playerlink profiles, the following message pops up:


    Stop running this script?

    A script on this page is causing Internet Explorer to run slowly.
    If it continues to run, your computer might become unresponsive.

    YES. NO.
    Whether I choose YES or NO, the message keeps popping up. I never received this message under HQ's previous configuration.

    This has begun since HQ's new config. has been implemented. The "script" issue doesn't arise when I use the Forums. Only on the Playerlink.

    How to overcome this? It takes forever for me to download and access Playerlink profiles. I am constantly forced exit and re-enter the site. It's truly frustrating.

    Thanks in advance for any help.
    RIP Paco de Lucia.

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    I just started with a similar script issue during 2 day period earlier this week when I was away from my PC. But I am encountering this in Forums as well as Player Link pages. Interestingly, Im also experiencing this on some other sites, including CBS Sportsline and MLB Rumors. But it's not all sites

    I tell you I won't be able to wait 3mos, like you've done, before I try and get this corrected.
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      I haven't seen this on our site (I generally use Firefox), but when I see it on other sites it seems to be caused by an ad. You might try an ad blocker.


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        I get it from leaving Twitter or Hootsuite in a minimized box for too long, but never got it here....
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          Tried from a different location where I also use IE as a web browser and same result, the script message pops, typing function freezes in the Playerlink search box and I am forced to exit the site and re-enter. I can only search one player in the Playerlink at a time, sometimes I can only type a few letters from a player's name in the search box, before it freezes again. And again.

          On the other hand, am experiencing no issues when accessing the articles or the forums. Does the site do anything differently when it comes to the Playerlink?

          Is there a setting I may have to turn off? I am unable to resolve this. Thanks in advance for any additional help.
          RIP Paco de Lucia.


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            We fixed an issue a couple of weeks ago (not specifically related to this), I haven't heard any other complaints since then. What version of IE? Have you tried installing Firefox to see if it behaves differently?


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              Where would I find out what version of IE I have? I'll gladly go through the steps to provide the requested info. I also downloaded Chrome on my other computer and same situation persists.
              RIP Paco de Lucia.


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                Go to Help menu at the top toolbar, then 'About Internet Explorer'.


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                  You might also want to try clearing your cache and any BHQ cookies. I've noticed that helps with many sites that start misbehaving!
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