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  • Search feature?

    On the home page, there is a search feature. Exactly what functions on the site are included in the search? I'm pretty sure that the forums are not covered, but what is covered?

    I was trying to research some stuff about Dolis (CHC) because I remember reading something really negative in the last few days or a week. I could have sworn I read something in the last week about Dolis that was published on the main page. When i did a search, I didn't find that article. But my memory could be off, maybe I didn't read it here.

    Using the search feature did find one article, from 4/12: When I went to the playerlink page for Dolis, I found there was an update there dated 4/9. that one didn't show up in the search.

    I'm just curious because what the best way is to review what might have been stated about a player over the last few weeks.

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    You can also check the playerlink page for a player, although not every mention of a player gets added to that page.

    You are right that there is a separate search function for the forums.
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      Interesting. Search tool should cover all articles on the site. I can reproduce the results you describe with Dolis. I'll have to investigate further why that would happen.


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        Ray, did you ever find out about this?


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          Not yet. Hopefully this week, sorry.


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            Was the search tool ever fixed?

            Also, is there any chance we can get an option for the output to be sorted by date? i assume right now it is doing by some type of "value" on the match, but I know that it causes me problems when I see the first item dated 2012-02-09 11:52, the second one dated 2012-04-06 07:52 the next one 2012-02-13 14:49 and so on.


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              I've requested sort by date, not sure how feasible it is. The other problem with the search tool (original question in this thread) seems to be that hyperlinked content is excluded from the search. That appears to be a limitation of our site software, I haven't found any recourse for that one.


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                "seems to be that hyperlinked content is excluded from the search. " Could you translate that for us non techies? Does it mean some type of content will show up in search, and some type of content won't show up in search? If so can you explain which types of articles will appear in search and which types won't be?


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                  All articles appear in the search tool. The forums do not. But going back to the original question, the reason the search for "Dolis" didn't return the 4/19 article was that the only reference to Dolis in that page was a hyperlinked (i.e. it appeared as Rafael Dolis) reference, the search seemed to skip over the link and not actually count that as a search "hit". I think it's pretty unusual that the only reference to a player's name is hyperlinked (we usually hyperlink the first one), if we had just written "Dolis" later in the writeup, then it would have returned.

                  Anyway, I don't have a fix for that, but that's why it happened.


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                    ok, I understand the technical issue. But i worry if this will really diminishes the usefulness of search. i ran into the Dolis one by accident, but it often happens I read something about a player and then a few days later I want to look at it again. It looks like a significant amount of information won't show up in search.

                    Looking at the current playing time article ( and only half way through the article I find these names only referenced as a hyper link. Michael Taylor, Jason Marquis Nick Blackburn Scott Diamond P.J. Walters

                    In many cases the mention is a throwaway, but still, I love the content on the site and when researching a player would love to see everything you have written about them.


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                      Yeah, I understand the concern, I just don't have much in the way of an answer for it right now, sorry. Best suggestion is to do what you did up top of this thread, combine a site search with reading about the player in Playerlink.