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  • Kudos

    Hi Ray ... instead a posting a gripe, I want to take a moment to call attention to the writers on your staff who go the extra mile to deliver a quality product. I'm not talking about the content, but the presentation of the articles. In my opinion, if the presentation lacks it takes away from the quality of the content. There are 3 things that I have noticed that make a quality presentation that some of your writers do consistently:
    • Every player name is hyper linked to his HQ profile
    • Hyper link to the player profile opens in a new tab
    • Every data table is formatted correctly to display in a orderly columnar format
    These 3 elements really make the article much easier to read and lets the reader concentrate on the subject matter at hand rather than getting distracted by trying to read the data in a table that doesn't line up, or trying to figure out how to get back to the article after clicking on the player profile link. Im sure the writers who provide this extra formatting have excellent HTML skills that the average user doesn't have or might not even be aware of. You pay your writers to deliver content, not format HTML and I get that. It would be nice if your technical staff could provide your writers with the tools to easily format their quality content into a quality presentation that increases the value of the content (IMO). Thanx for listening.
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    Thanks Kstan... positive feedback always appreciated. The credit for this definitely goes to our writers (and our editors, we've been making increased effort in editing over the past year or so).

    To your last point (which practically sounds like it could have been planted by one of our writers!), the new site design has actually reduced the amount of HTML knowledge our writers need to use to post their content. That said, we didn't get as far as we were hoping with those efforts in the new site planning, so we have to double-back at some point and further enhance the tools the writers use. This crazy time of year isn't the right time to do that, but we'll get there sometime during or after the season.

    And sticking with that last point, our technical crew has done a fantastic job in getting us over to the new site with a minimal amount of pain during this critical time of year. Inevitably we had to have those tech resources focus on end-user issues at the expense of writer conveniences when time got crunched. But the fact that we've kept the end-user transition so smooth is a huge win on its own, and our tech guys get tons of credit for that.

    Thanks again, kstan.