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Problem with AL/NL Depth Charts

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  • Problem with AL/NL Depth Charts

    the league depth charts look a lot better on screen now, but when they are printed out the type is so small and there is no space between player's names (although landscape is better than portrait but not as good as the charts) that it makes it next to impossible for those of without 20/20 vision to read them. Can this be fixed? Thanks

    [I][FONT=Arial][SIZE=8px]AMBL - cumulative points league with original rules established 1977 and continuous league since 1983 (40th consecutive year in 2023)
    Lineup: Start 1-C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, Any Infielder, 3-OF, 1-OF/DH, 5-SP, 3-RP, 1-Any P and Reserves-11[/SIZE][/FONT][/I]
    [I][SIZE=8px][FONT=Arial]Our point scoring system is:
    ++ Batting : R=1, H=1, 2B=1, 3B=2, HR=2, RBI=1, SB=1, CS=minus 1, BB=0.5, K=minus 0.5, E=minus 1
    ++ Pitching : W=4.5, L=minus 3, Save=4.5, Hold=3, BS=minus 3, QS=1, IP=1.5, H=minus 0.5, ER=minus 0.5, BB=minus 0.5, K=0.5 [/FONT][/SIZE][/I]