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    Hey guys, I'm seeing values that just don't look right when using the CDG for a league that uses HR Allowed as a scoring category.

    It appears that the CDG is value the HR allowed wholistically rather than in terms of innings pitched for a players overall value. Because of this, all relievers spike in values, as do players who don't project to get much playing time (after all, they can't give up home runs if they aren't playing).

    This appears to need tweaking. Here are some fun examples.

    Kyle Farnsworth, Jordan Walden and Carlos Marmol are all worth more than Clayton Kershaw.

    Mike Adams is worth more than Justin Verlander (and every other pitcher except for halladay, wilson and kershaw)

    Brandon Lyon!? is worth more than Felix

    Here's where it gets fun. Shelby Miller, Tyler Skaggs are nice prospects, but considering their lack of expected playing time this year it hardly seems right that they are valued higher than guys like Cole Hamels, Matt Cain, David Price, Dan Haren, etc.

    One more fun one. Chris Archer (tb prospect) is worth more than James Shields and Yovanni Gallardo.

    Thanks for anything you can do to straighten that up.
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    This is a longstanding issue, not just for HR allowed but other "negative" categories like pitcher Losses of batter Strikeouts. There's no straightforward way to program the fix for this. As a workaround, whenever I get this question I suggest two things:

    - use a substitute category. hr/9 instead of raw HR allowed for instance, will get you pretty much what you need for valuation purposes.
    - play with the category weights. If you value a negative category at 0.3, 0.4, 0.5 instead of one, that will minimize the bump in value that the low-IP/AB guys get.

    Hope this helps.



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      hr/9 works. Thanks.
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