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If you're only seeing three forums....

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  • If you're only seeing three forums....

    If you used to see the full list of forums and are now only seeing a few of them, the reason is that you aren't logged in. The forum login account is a separate login account from the main site. You need to create a forum account and log in with it, then you'll see the full set of forums again.

    To create a forum account, click on 'Register' up at the top right corner.

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    I created an account today, logged-in, and can still only see the three forums.


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      Originally posted by ppusa View Post
      I created an account today, logged-in, and can still only see the three forums.
      Are you Rotopass? Or did you create this forum acct with a different email address than your subscription to HQ? Either of those can cause this. Send me a private msg in either case, and I'll fix.


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        Hi, I also have registered but only see three forums. I used a different email address than the HQ login.

        Why do we need three different logins for the main site, the shopping cart, and the forums? It seems like it is creating problems.


        (Edit to say that it is now working as expected. I don't know if something has changed or if this is an intermittent issue, but I now see many more forums.)
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          Glad you're all set, online. And yes, three different accounts is something less than desirable, obviously can't disagree with you there. The move to the new site should let us consolidate some of this stuff going forward, though.


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            Why do I need to log in again? Before the site was updated I only had to login the second time to post (not read). Now I cannot read without logging in a second time. This happens on my Mac and iPhone. Thx.


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              Yes, you need to be logged into the forums just to read the forums now.


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                Does anyone use Tapatalk for the forums?

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