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CDG problem--no data, just headings for two report types

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  • CDG problem--no data, just headings for two report types

    Since just before the upgrade I am not able to create custom draft guides using player evaluator. This is under Stats and Tools, then Custom Draft Guide. I establish my settings, save my settings, then load my settings. Positional Reports are generated properly. "Full List" gives column and field headings only. Customer report seems to work correctly. "Grid" report just gives column and field headings.

    What has happened to the two reports, Positional and Grid ?

    As there do not appear to be any other members talking about this issue, I assume it is specific to me.

    Please give me any pointers that will assist in correcting the problem.

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    Grid's working for me, so is positional report. It's possible something in your settings for your league is causing the problem. Can you post all of your settings, or send me a screenshot so I can try to replicate?


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      Here is the screen shot of CDG page with my parameters as saved.
      CDG - Player Valuator

      League Parameters:
      Select MACK League: Just Win Baby League
      Use Keepers?: Sort By: Dollars MM
      Select Stat Pool: Projected 2012 Year to Date 2012 Year to Date 2011 Year to Date 2010 Year to Date 2009 Year to Date 2008 Year to Date 2007 Year to Date 2006 Year to Date 2005 Year to Date 2004 Year to Date 2003 Year to Date 2002 Number of Bench Players:
      Number of Teams: Use Fractional $'s?:
      Leagues: AL: NL: Force Positions (?)
      Budget per Team: Valuation Method (?) Balanced Top Players Scarcity Middle Players
      Offensive Budget: 50% 55% 60% 61% 62% 63% 64% 65% 66% 67% 68% 69% 70% 71% 72% 73% 74% 75% Minimum Bid(?)

      Which positions does your league use? Mark scarce positions if using Scarcity valuation method
      P OF C 1B 2B SS 3B MI CI UT

      Select the stats used scoring in your league. A negative weight will reverse the "standard" sorting of a category.
      For example, -1 for Hitting Strikeouts will place the most value in the players with the most strikeouts
      while -1 for Hitting RBI will place the most value in the players with the fewest RBI.
      Points are the literal points. Players are valued at the point amount entered times their projected stats.

      Set Categories: 4 x 4 | 5 x 5 Set Scoring Mode: Rotisserie Points

      Hitting Stats Used: Weights:
      Pitching Stats Used: Weights:
      HR: Home Runs W: Wins
      AVG: Batting Average SV: Saves
      RBI: Runs Batted In WHIP: (W+H/IP)
      R: Runs Scored ERA: Earned Run Avg
      SB: Stolen Bases SO: Strike Outs
      BB: Walks BB: Walks Allowed
      2B: Doubles K/BB: Command Ratio
      H: Hits H: Hits Allowed
      Net Steals (SB - CS) W-L: Net Wins
      Strikeouts IP: Innings Pitched
      SLG: Slugging Percentage BB+H: Walks+Hits Allowed
      3B: Triples K/9
      OBP: On Base Average Hld: Holds
      TB: Total Bases Relief: Sv + Hld
      Runs Produced, R+RBI-HR Net Saves: Sv - BSv
      Total Bases + Walks Net Relief: Sv - BSv + Hld
      2B + 3B Winning Percentage: W / (W + L)
      OPS Games
      1B: Singles L: Losses
      AB: At-bats ER: Earned Runs
      PA: Plate Appearances BSv: Blown Saves
      HR: HR Allowed
      K - BB

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        That didn't work. I'll try again on the desktop computer.