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  • CDG Keeper Issues

    Hey fellas,

    Love the look & feel of the new site.

    I'm getting geared up for a keeper auction league that begins on Monday. I've taken the time to setup the 16 team league on MACK with 11 keepers/team, entering both price and checking the Keeper box.

    When I go to CDG, check keepers, and setup league parameters ... I'm not getting a report that includes the league keepers. Instead getting a report that includes keepers far and few between (random guys like Rafael Furcal, Andruw Jones, Kevin Millwood). Sounds like a twilight zone keeper league.


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    Any thoughts here? Can develop a Custom Draft Guide with customized specs, but not properly importing keepers from the league setup in Mack.


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      This was broken for a while yesterday, but is fixed now. Couple of things to note about keepers:

      - when you set them in MACK, they need to have a $ value and a position set.
      - check the 'use keepers' box in CDG
      - the keepers will still show in the output report, but they will have the value you specified in MACK, and a "Y" in the "Keeper" field on the output report. They are not excluded from the report.

      Give that a whirl, let me know how it looks. Your "twilight zone/random names" problem sounds different. If you're using negative categories in a league config (hitter strikeouts, pitcher losses or HR), those cats can cause those kind of results. You need to remove those cats, use alternate cats (hr/9 instead of hr, for instance), or lower the weight on those cats (to .33 instead of 1, for example).


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        Fantastic. I didn't have to change anything and working like it should now. Thanks!