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How do you cancel your subscription?

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  • How do you cancel your subscription?

    I can't seem to find a link that allows you to cancel your subscription.

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    Just use the contact us link and our support team will take care of you.


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      Just the newshound in me, but would like to hear the backstory...
      NL 12-team 5x5 auction keeper. no bench, limited 'free' moves #oldschool
      our owners have a combined 292 years of experience in this 36-year-old league that is being cryogenically frozen until spring 2021.
      a redraft, no-transaction "race to the finish" served as our 2020 entertainment


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        his team is in last place. and ron is the anti christ


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          To Ray: Thanks, I have always appreciated your articles and commentary on the forums.

          To Howie: Transitioning into a new career and I want to put all my energy into my new postion. As you know this game is time intensive if you want to be successful. I'm in very stable league with great guys that expect a level of activity and competition that I can't commit to anymore. It's not fair to the league if I only give half effort. This season was a trial season to see if I can swing it and I can't. I told them I would let them know by the allstar break so they can interview new owners.

          To Doc: I'm doing OK. I will say the forums this year do seem a bit more hostile with other members needlessly questioning other members motives with snarky replies.


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            I apoligize, did not mean to be snarky, but I still find the forums a pretty good resource.