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how to use MACK and Custom Draft Guides

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  • how to use MACK and Custom Draft Guides

    Still pretty new here, I used the tools for my auctions, and am now trying to figure out how to use things during the season.

    In MACK Team Tracker and Analyst I created a report where I included R$ and 5x5 as a values to display in the report. I see those values on the player pages as well, but never understood what they represent. Can someone help?

    What I really want is to use the ability of Custom Draft Guides to generate custom values, but then show just the values for my team that I have entered in MACK. Is it possible to do that?

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    No, that doesn't work the way the tools are currently set up. The R$ and 5x5$ values in MACK are static (based on 12-team AL-only or 13-team NL-only 5x5 leagues). Those don't match the Custom Draft Guide's results, which are (obviously) customized to your specific league settings. But if you're looking at pickups, trades, free agents, etc., and your league is 4x4 or 5x5, those values are good for player-to-player comparison-type work.


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      I have to say I'm a bit disappointed. The content here is amazing. The tools are not. I found the MACK tool incredibly cumbersome. And now one of the key things I want won't work because we use OBP instead of AVE.

      Two more questions.... I still don't know the difference between R$ and 5x5. I understand 5x5 is the price based on 13 team NL only 5x5. But what is R$? Is it based on standard 4x4? Or something different?

      When you say R$ and 5x5 are static, I assume you mean they don't change based on things like OBP vs AVE. But I also assume they do change when you update projections? They aren't static for the entire year, right?


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        Yes, R$ is our shorthand for 4x4. And yes, those values are generated daily with the latest projections. I just meant to say they're static in the sense of the league universe and categories they represent.

        And the idea of running the CDG output to populate those values in MACK is interesting (you're not the first person to point out the value of that). Will have our programmers explore the logistics of that. But in the meantime, you can always run the Custom Draft Guide itself to get the accurate values for your rostered players.

        Another thing we're working on for MACK is a projected standings report, where you input your team rosters, league format, etc and we run the league standings based on our projections. That should be coming soon.

        By the way, welcome aboard! Forgot to say that earlier...