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    Anyway we can get total bases added to the hitters section. I can get it if I do a CDG report (i.e. you guys have the data), but it would be nice to be able to sort in the regular projections screen.
    Bulls Baseball (11 Years Running):
    12 Team H2H Mixed Keep 3 Forever League (No Salaries). 38 min innings/week
    Offensive Stats: R HR RBI SB AVG TB BB K
    Pitching Stats: W L SV TB CG ERA WHIP K/9

    SHSFBL (15 Years Running):
    16 Team H2H Mixed 5X5 Redraft League

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    We try not to make too many changes to the projection files at this time of year... too many people have custom spreadsheets built for their drafts that would break if we kept changing the column layout.

    The beauty of giving you the CSV download is that you can easily add a column for total bases yourself... or use the CDG as you point out.