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McClellan data may be incorrect (typo?) in projections

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  • McClellan data may be incorrect (typo?) in projections

    I was looking at kyle mcclellan's data in the projection file as I was preparing for my auction this year. Noticed he is listed as :

    Games: 131 ! I think he will be a bit tired....

    I assume this is supposed to be 31?
    It also has him listed as having 0 QS. With everything happening to the rotation in StL, don't we think he will at least get 1 QS?

    Just thought I would let you know.
    League 1 : Scoresheet, 20 team BL, contracts, continuing (21 keepers + 20 minor leaguers)

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    Games are wrong, innings are right. This sometimes happens with role changers like him. We'll get it cleaned up. And once we chop the games down, the QS should get filled in.