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  • $ value question

    If Ike Davis is projected to put up better stats than Freddie Freeman , have a higher rc/g and better RAR numbers than how does Freeman end up with better 12 and 15 team $ figures. Makes no sense. What don't I see?

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    Davis: .261-19-80-70 Runs, 2 SB, $5
    Freeman: .271-17-79-62 Runs, 3 SB, $5

    RC/G and RAR don't factor into the R$ calculation. Obviously the dollars are very close, as they should be. You're not seeing the fractional dollars in the projection files, either. One could be $4.52 and the other $5.48, both would show as $5.

    You can run the Custom Draft Guide yourself and fool around with this in more detail, this exact question came up a week or two ago. It's possible there's something subtle in the logic of forcing positions that isn't quite right, but as you can see from the numbers above, the overall effect is very minor.