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Baseball HQ Customer Service ????? HELLO

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  • Baseball HQ Customer Service ????? HELLO

    I have been a happy subscriber for I think apporaching ten years now. My current subscription is soon epiring and I want to upgrade to a GOLD4 plan, however I have a few questions that I would like to ask first.. I have called your "alleged" customer support number 1-800-422-7820 at least three times in the past week, each time leaving a message and requesting someone call back, this has yet to happen. Please give me some guidance as to how I can address this..

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    Bill, not sure what's happening here, but I'll get it taken care of. I can assure you there's nothing "alleged" about the support line, I'm sure many posters here will tell you the great experiences they've had dealing with Lynda (who's usually on the other end of the phone).

    PM me the phone # you want to be called back at, I'll make sure you get a callback.


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      Situation promptly addressed and corrected, thanks Ray & Lynda.. Seems that someone ( no names should be needed ) left incomplete messages on BHQs answering machine making a callback unfeasable...


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        Glad you're all set Bill...