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can't get into the custom draft guide page

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  • can't get into the custom draft guide page

    I need some help. I can't access the custom draft guide page.I keep getting a message telling me to login to the BHQ forums page(I am logged in) and then click on "Remeber Me".I don't see anyplace to click on "Remeber me".Would appreciate any help that could be provided. I am a Rotopass subcsriber and do not play in any keeper leagues.
    Rich McCormick

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    Hi Rich,

    The 'remember me' box here in the forums is only visible when you are logging in to the forums. It is right below the boxes for your username and password. Try logging out of the forums and back in, and make sure to check the box on the way back in. Then try the Draft Guide again. Shoot me a PM if you continue to have problems.


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      Thanks Ray. It was right there where you said it would be. Feel kinda foolish asking about it since if it was a dog it woulda bit me!(lol).Sometimes we can't see the forest for the trees.


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        No worries, glad you're all set.