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Suggestion: Player vs Player on One Page

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  • Suggestion: Player vs Player on One Page

    A similar feature as on the Baseball Cube.

    There, we can select the stats of up to 4 players and have them all stacked on the same page - which allows for easy instant comparisons.

    Would be cool if we could take the player projections of up to 3-4 players and see them all on the same page at once.

    RIP Paco de Lucia.

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    MACK already allows you to do that.

    1. Create a new MACK team for just this purpose.
    2. Add whatever players you want.
    3. Click Run Reports, and run a report for your "team".

    And, you can customize a report to include whatever columns you wish: YTD numbers, projections, YTD BPIs, projected BPIs.


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      Thanks for your reply, Tom.

      Looked at your MACK suggestion. It's not as immediate as using The Baseball Cube.

      Not seeking to create files or store data.

      Wanted something easy, immediate and disposable -- just a quick display on any group of players at any time by simply inserting names. Once it's consulted, it's disposed of.
      RIP Paco de Lucia.


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        OK, I get it.

        No one else but me, wants this feature.
        RIP Paco de Lucia.


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          Not true... it's come up from time to time. I think it's already on our to-do list, or at least was at one point... a low priority item. I'll look into it.


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            Ray, you're much too kind. Thanks for following up.
            RIP Paco de Lucia.