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    5x5 league...when i run the custom grid Frasor still shows up in the top 15 RP's which just cant be right. Anyone know how often this data is updated or how that is possible?

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    Couple of things....

    Projections are updated daily, but that would mean that we would have needed to update Frasor's projected saves total yesterday for that to take effect in this morning's update. I see that at the moment, we have Frasor projected at 55% of the available saves in TOR, Gregg at 30% and Downs at 15%. I don't honestly know if that's reflective of the Gregg promotion... it may very well be.

    That gets to my 2nd point... just because Gregg has this promotion doesn't mean that we're going to overreact and give him 100% of the available TOR saves, and Frasor/Downs 0%.

    And my 3rd point is, if you want to see what's going on with a particular player's projection, drill into his Playerlink page and the team depth chart. The inputs (i.e. save%) are all there for you to see, but you won't get that in the Custom Draft grid view.

    I'll send a note to our TOR analyst and ask him to comment in one of the active Gregg/Frasor threads.