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  • Another Projection Question

    I understand that overall projections across the player universe are not quite sewn up just yet due to playing time questions etc but projections across a specific player should be accurate no?

    Forgive me if I am wrong here because anything related to Math is not even close to my expertise but my league uses Total Bases instead of HR's. I am going to be using a goals spreadsheet this year with my roster where I can quickly copy and paste the stats to see where I am within relation to the target marks for each category. When I was working on the spreadsheet originally TB wasn't a category listed when I ran the CDG so I created a formula based on the projections for HR, 3B, and 2B to give me the total bases for the extra base hits (total 2B X 2, total 3B X 3, total HR X4). I then had a column that added the total number of extra base hits together and subtracted that number from the Hits projection to give me the number of singles hit and added that number to the total bases for the extra base hits which should give me the total bases.

    Please correct me if my Math is off. I then realized that I can do a custom build that includes the TB projection but when I ran that the TB projection was different then what my math came up with as explained (probably as clear as mud and I apologize for that) above.

    I specifically was looking at Fielder since he is a keeper of mine.
    HQ projected TB = 366.
    HQ proj H = 152
    proj 2B = 30
    proj 3B = 2
    proj HR = 38
    my math has his total bases at 300 with these projections rather than 366.

    What am I missing?


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    Your math to get to 300 TB look right. What I'm not clear on is where exactly you're seeing Fielder projected for 366 TB. I just ran the CDG, ran a report on total TB descending, and Fielder came up with 300 there as well. Can you tell me where exactly you're seeing the 366 number?


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      So weird Ray....I just ran it again this morning and it is showing 300......sorry about that....not sure what happened and maybe I was just misreading it or something but I did go back and forth on it for awhile because I was double checking my math and the such to see where I went wrong....oh well.....thanks as always. I think I will be adjusting my spreadsheet and just pulling the TB from the projections rather than having my formula calculate them.....same answer either way.

      Thanks again.