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  • Request on Power Buyer's Charts

    I would love to HQ get rid of the 80% contact rate filter (and any CT% filter) for power hitters in the Power Buyer's Chart. I understand that it affects BA, but 1)There must be thousands of people on HQ who play in leagues where BA is not the same primary concern as it is in standard roto leagues and 2)For those who are concerned about both Power BA, they would still be well served by consulting the power chart for power, and other stats and charts separately for BA. The way it's set up now makes the feature completely useless to me.
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    I conferred with Joshua Randall on this (Power BG author) and we both pretty strongly disagree with your view of this. You may be the outlier here, but we believe there are a number of valid reasons to keep the ct% filter there.

    If the ct% filter gets in your way, you can obviously just go to the projection files and do a sort on raw PX if that's what you want to see. That's easy for you to do... sending everyone else to go and try to construct the current filter somewhere else is more work for them.