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bullpen indicators.. not??

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  • bullpen indicators.. not??

    could you guys please add actual todate indicators? the standard ones? so we can see how they are doing against their projections on the same page? this is very very useful.. i am not worried about page layout.. happy to have the data lie off to the right if you need to.. but it would be way more use full to have them on this screen.
    would also be handy to hyperlink the names of the dudes to their playerlink pages??

    this page is a key tool for trolling the waivers for closers in waiting.. because on the other pages, you can't see the pecking order of the closers in one pen.. thanks!
    bb/9k/9Cmdhr/9 bpi

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    also, could you guys put dates on the standard sheets so we know 'as of what date' the stats are for?


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      any reason why this isn't being responded to?


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        ? ?


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          I forwarded this thread to our Bullpen Buyers Guide analyst, Doug Dennis.


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            Instead of pen indicators, I think you are looking for our stat projections page and then for the group of players you want, click on YTD + Proj and you will get their YTD stats and the projection, side by side.

            The purpose of the pen indicators is to apply some filters to let you see at a glance who is doing well and who is not.
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              Also, allow me to plug MACK2.0 here... very handy for creating a quick list of bullpen guys you might be cconsidering, and running a quick report that allows you to view any indicators you want, side by side.


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                thanks for the response: but not exactly a mack 2.0 thing

                I know what you are saying, but i specifically want it on the same page as the pen depth chart. *like in the old days of indicators)

                This is critical for a simple reason, as this is how we can as bhq users, quickly act on pen rivals that might move into closing situations. of course the data is in mack, but i need the data and to know who is where in the pen, since i don't follow baseball enough to know this off the top of my head.. i count on your expertise.

                this is simply fixed by you guys putting the ytd data right on the indicators page next to the 2008 info.. or worst case way off to the right..

                please don't worry about page layout.. its the ytd data for each team in order of pen construction/depth that I (we) need.. This is how i scored jjputz the year he moved in to closer, instead of soriano..

                whaddaya think?

                by the way, keep up the great work guys..


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                  any thoughts?


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                    today's article is a prime example of the need.. this info should'n't be an article.. is soooo useful to see day by day!


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                      hello? do you guys want to make this change for us? thanks.


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                        Duncan, we explained above that what you're looking for isn't really the expressed purpose of the "at a glance" bullpen indicator page. The data is available in other places on the site. For the moment, we're choosing to allocate our tech resources elsewhere.

                        I haven't seen a lot of "hey, I could really see the value in that suggestion" echoes from other posters in this thread, either, which I think supports my point above.


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                          Always start double header players?

                          Should you always start a player who is playing in a double header? Today I have Edwin Encarnacian and need help whether to start over Rolen.


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                            welcome, miberry... in the future, you can start a new thread for a question like this.

                            Unless you know for sure that your doubleheader guy will only play in one game, I'd certainly opt for the two game guy.


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                              ray.. tech support is not where members really look at other's remarks.. i will post in a member active forum and see if we get some interest.
                              .. but it is really a minor add, 3 columns ytd: k9,bb/9,k/bb.

                              This chart used to have this in the old format, 2 years ago..

                              if you don't want to no problem. The layout of this weeks article (very valuable) shows how handy this analysis is.


                              Could you at LEAST hyperlink the names to their playerlink cards? This should be standard through out the indicators..