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Easy way to get Draft Grid to Excel?

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  • Easy way to get Draft Grid to Excel?

    I have tried the old copy and paste, and it's a disaster. I thought in the past there used to be a button that would export the grid to Excel, but I could be thinking of something else. I like to put the grid in Excel and then make some edits, so any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

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    I just found an earlier post that addressed my issue. Sorry for adding to the clutter, this post can be deleted if anyone is inclined.


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      Internet Explorer or Firefox (or something else?)

      If I use IE, I can highlight just the data (with the headings), and do a normal paste into Excel.

      I typically use Firefox, though, and the only way that works for me is to use Edit, Select All for the entire grid (not just the data, but the logo and headings), and to do a normal paste into Excel.

      Don't use Paste Special, Text in either case.