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  • Duchscherer

    The results appear off. He's down for 116 IP, 11 Wins and 26 Holds. This is really skewing his value in leagues where holds are counted.
    1. Terra Nova Terriers - 12 team mixed league, 5v5, $260 Cap, 9H, 9P, 7R & 25 MiLB - 2008 Champion
    2. Rocky's Bullwinkles, CrashTest Dummies - 2 NL only Mendoza League teams
    3. Desperate Measures - an AL only Mendoza Leagues team - 2012 Champion
    4. Hard Times - 24 team Dynasty League, H2H points scoring
    5. St. John's GobSmackers - 16 team H2H points auction League ($430 cap) - 2012 Champion
    6. Sundry other teams too numerous to mention

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    I think someone else may have mentioned that, PRHood, but since we don't seem to be able to spell "Duchscherer" the search function doesn't work well for him.
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      I think our holds projections were basically point-in-time, and haven't been updated. I'll see if I can get that taken care of.