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MACK vs Custome Draft Guide Cats?

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  • MACK vs Custome Draft Guide Cats?

    I was getting read for my port3 drafting screen, I can't seem to pull the SX score in MACK. I like importing all the values into excel and manipulating them, but the custom draft guide is annoying in how it repeats the banner - Name age B P QLFY TM $ ab r h 2b 3b hr rbi bb k sb cs avg obp slg ops bb% ct% eye px sx xba rcg rar bpv REL LIMAevery so often. With Mack, it's easier to read. Is there
    a reason why the same categories aren't avail for both? And will SX be available in MACK?

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    We're trying to limit the minor work we do on MACK in advance of a major upgrade that we've been planning for some time. I'd advise you to stick with the Custom Draft Guide for now.

    If you take thew CDG results and copy/paste to Excel, you can pretty easily remove those extra banner lines (and sort the data however you want, etc.