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Custon Draft Guide - categories not available

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  • Custon Draft Guide - categories not available

    I am in a H2H points based league. Yet the custom draft guide does not allow me to enter points for rate categories such as OBP and ERA. Why is that? 3 of the 10 categories in my league are rate categories which makes the custom draft guide pretty useless.

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    If you play with categories like BA and OBP, you don't have a points-based league, kind of by definition. How do you assign points to a rate category?


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      It's head to head

      so the team that wins OBP, for example, gets all of the points assigned for that category for that week. Any ideas on how to use the custom draft guide for this format?


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        As Ray said, you don't want to be using points for this type of league. The best I can suggest is to treat it as rotisserie . . . you get points for each category you'll win. The way I see it, you're going to play ~26 one week rotisserie seasons. One of the writers covers H2H, so there should be some articles on how to look at valuations.
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          Ok, thanks guys