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problem with the draft guide?

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  • problem with the draft guide?

    I am trying to run the draft guide to see what value my player will have going into next year.

    I put in my league parameters and received this message
    "Dollar value: too many required players for selected league(s)"

    My league has 18 teams, al & nl, 23 rostered players with 3 bench spots, $300 salary cap.


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    The draft guides run off projected statistics. It sounds like you'd like to run it with YTD stats (or ideally next season's projections ). Unfortunately, we won't support using YTD stats until next year.

    The draft guide looks for enough players with > 20 AB / > 5 IP projected to fill all positions in your league. What the error message is saying is that not enough such players exist, which at this point in the season makes sense.
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