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  • Lima Missing PlayerLink Database

    Earlier this week was looking up Lima grades in the PlayerLink for some pitchers. Today went to check a few more and no grades including those I looked up earlier. Lost some pitcher and wanted to quick reference some possible replacements or to trade for now. Will they be coming back...please

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    We've had to pull the LIMA grades for now. There have been some internal system changes that have effectively invalidated the in-season grades. We'll get them back as soon as possible.

    Another question to anyone else looking...

    Do you still use the tiered LIMA grades? Those are what the LIMA grades would be for that player if he was priced at $5, $10, $20, etc.
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      I use the tiered

      I use the tiered portion. We have a very deep 12 team NL keeper league, so Lima worhty players may be around for a $1 from previous speculative years or higher if they are in the auction and is nice to know their Lima worth by range. Also like the tiered for FAAB bidding purposes, a diminishing returns outlook if I believe others may bid on a player as well and lets me look at a ceiling for the current year.