I really like the new buyers guide format. I enjoy the daily updated material, the data presented and the blogs. I have a couple questions/suggestions. I will not touch the blogs because I imagine as the year progresses and the writers become more familiar with the concept of a daily blog they will become better. As for the data, I would prefer if it incorportated some type of longitudinal assessment. The data presented reflects cross-sectional data - a snapshot in time. Despite checking the tables every day, it's very hard to keep track of 25-50 players. To be sure, I can't determine who is surging among the surgers and fading among the faders. For example, Craig Monroe has been on top of the American league power surgers for over a week. During that time his PX has decreased from 225ish to 195. A declining PX doesn't necessarily mean he is a surging power option. In fact, the more games he plays his PX might continue to decline to the point where he is no longer a power surger and he may not have put up any power numbers during that time. Obviously, HQ is just putting up the data based on the algorithm and we are left to make our own assessment, but the data would be enhanced for decision making if a longitudinal assessment was including in these charts.

One more thing, is it possible to update the material prior to 7am? I like to review the previous days stats, expectations for the coming days, and daily transactions early in the morning.