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Where have the buyers guides gone

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  • Where have the buyers guides gone

    i looked today (4/10) and they were not there

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    What do you mean? They're right there. Doesn't your menu show HQ Today, Lifelines, Buyers Guides, Minor Leagues, Games Analysis, Research?


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      New in-season format for the BGs debuts tonight with the Bullpen BG.


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        Ohhhhhhhh man!

        I kinda liked the "Mon, Tues, Wed..." format you had goin.

        I knew the days I missed and could click on them to get the info.

        Oh well, I am sure this system will be good and easy to use as well.


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          The new bullpen guide is awesome! Great idea to go blog-like. I look forward to the others


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            Can I make a formatting suggestion for the buyer guides? The page that links to each chart has a nice explanation of the metrics used. For example, the Speed chart has this explanation: "Batters with a Slg Avg under .450, but a PX over 120 and a flyball rate over 35%, ranked by PX."

            Can this sentence also be included on the linked page, the one with the actual data? It helps to see the criteria along with the results so that your mind can focus on the correct columns. I would think and hope that this would be an easy fix.
   / @NickRichardsHQ


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              That's going to happen tonight. You're just too fast for us.
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