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  • Custom Draft Guide -Idealogy Question

    I'm in a 10 team standard 5X5 mixed league. If I'm running a CDG, is there a certaqin logic to listing additional catagories (OPB, K/BB, K/9, etc.) to bring more value to stats which players should possess? would this throw the ratings off in my favor or against me? Is there a way to enrich the value of the skillsets while somehow balancing oddities that might arise from doing so. For example, perhaps including "Doubles" but balancing them with "Net steals", K/9 balanced with something (maybe innings, not sure yet)?

    Or would this just throw what could be a simple guide off kilter?


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    It's an interesting idea, but I fear that adding extra categories would change the weight of various stats. For example, adding net steals will be double counting steals.
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      This would throw the values off kilter. Better to run the CDG to get dollar values for just your categories, then take the results to Excel and filter on the skills there.


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        Totally true about the double steals thing, and in playing around with the idea I was trying to give steals their due with the net steals as a balance to doubles and/or slugging, as well as some other configurations which I'd hoped might encompass some of the skill value without skewing too much. It does seem a difficult balance but I wondered if someone else had made a decent stab at this.

        What do you think of simply replacing Avg with OBP in the custom rankings, despite my league using avg?

        I do apreciate the feedback provided by each of you...


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          You could probably get away with doing avg v obp, but again, I question what you're gaining from it. At a minimum, you'd have to counter-adjust guys like Dunn who have big bb% but poor average.


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            I'd hoped to find excalibur through a wrinkle here, but your logic is thwarting me at each turn....

            Thanks again


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              Originally posted by redsoxsucker View Post
              I'd hoped to find excalibur through a wrinkle here....
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