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    This not be the right spot to post this but I was wondering if someone can help me out.

    I have downloaded the projections the last couple of years into an excel spreadsheet. I always add a column for my own comments on each player that I start working on this time of the year. As the new projections are added each Friday, I find it difficult to match them up with the old ones which have my comments because it seems each week a player is dropped, traded, or added to/from the NL. Is there a way on excel to plug in and match the new projections with the old ones where I have comments? I understand the basics of excel but am not sure if this can be done.

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    Assuming that the names of the players are consistent from one week to the next, try using a VLOOKUP function. Excel's function wizard is pretty good about walking one through how to use a new function, but there's an explanation in this article if you need more help.
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      The names do change on the projections as guys are added or taken off the list due to being picked up in the other league, cut, etc, but I will see if this works. Thanks.


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        VLOOKUP is the way to go in this context. Very powerful, and not too ungainly once you get the hang of it.
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          Originally posted by GoldenEagle View Post
          VLOOKUP is the way to go in this context. Very powerful, and not too ungainly once you get the hang of it.
          Is it my imagination or did the projection files recently switch from one column for "player" to two columns for "Lastname" and "Firstname"?


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            It's more like the one column for player was "imagined". We had changed to that format for about three days before another thread brought us back to separate columns.
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              Well, upon looking, I find that my 2006 projection files use one column for player name.

              FWIW, I like the one column format better. Just in case there's some running tally somewhere. :-)