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Please Add Projected Playing Time to Sheets

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  • Please Add Projected Playing Time to Sheets

    I like to normalize data to equal playing time to figure our real values for players. For instance, Derrek Lee is projected at 90% of his teams games, Jose Reyes is 95%... I'd like to compare apples to apples. A main reason for this is because I'm in a weekly H2H league and I can just bench someone if they are injured. Right now I'm just kind of normalizing everyone to 620 plate Appearences which really throws off counting stats for leadoff players like Reyes.

    Any ideas?

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    Thought about that a few days ago and how very useful it would be. PT is the variable that gets tweaked the most between now and opening day. A guy in my league drafts almost exclusively based on pABs and regularly ends up with the best hitting team.

    PT is probably worth a discussion thread on its own in the Think Tank. Give this thread a different title and move it over to get it going!
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