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    Upon reading the latest article on H2H gaming, which highlights the importance of PQS stats, I tried locating them on this site, but in vain.

    Does anyone have a link to the 06 Season PQS stats?

    Thanking you in advance.
    RIP Paco de Lucia.

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    The archive is at

    This link is pretty well hidden at the top of the starting pitchers buyer's guide page.
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      Our goal this year is to group like tools on the same page. All starting pitching info will be on the starting pitching page. All speed tools will be on the speed page. Etc.
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        My bad, I am an idiot. Thx for following up.

        Are the files only accessible on an alphabetical basis? Or is there a way to execute a performance-based search? Say, counting stats on the most PQS 5 performances? While I appreciate that the usual suspects will fill the list initially, I am looking for those in the upper tier who may not have as much name-recognition value or perhaps those who have several PQS 4 starts who are on the verge.

        Basically, the first place I looked was in the Stats and Projections page, where I was hoping PQS stats had a column of their own.
        RIP Paco de Lucia.


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          You can grab the entire 2006 season in CSV format and roll your own searches in Excel.
          While the individual man is an insoluble puzzle, in the aggregate he becomes a mathematical certainty.
          --Sherlock Holmes


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            Thx Rob. I had gone to the Excel page but since I'm not Excel-savvy, I don't know how to sort out stats in CSV or otherwise. I'll try and dig further.
            RIP Paco de Lucia.


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              Right-click the CSV link and choose "Save As..." Save the *.csv file on your hard drive as PQS1228 or some such unique identifier. The .csv extension should be added automatically. So you have a saved file called PQS1226.csv.

              Launch Excel. Click the "Open" icon (or choose "File|Open"). Navigate to the folder where you saved the PQS1228.csv file. On the "file of type" pulldown, choose "text" you should see the PQS1228.csv file. Double-click it. Click "Next" on the dialogue asking you about delimited file type. Make sure "comma" is chosen as the delimiter (the default is "tab"). Click "finish" and you will have this info in Excel.

              Right away save it as an Excel workbook (Save As...File as type Workbook). Then you can sort, fiddle, etc.
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                JVR, a word to the wise. Davitt did a nice job of explaining how to get from csv to wks. However....
                I've messed with the PQS files in the past, and they are context-dependent.
                That is, the rolling-5 start stats fit the context of seeing the entire player's "trend" in date order. If you re-sort rows, then you lose something as well as gain something.
                The issue is that the unit of measure is a start, not a starter.
                So you have to search for the "last row" for each starter to see his YTD DOM/DIS numbers. The trend is helpful and informational, but it's tougher to sort.
                I tend to clean up the formats (rounding the IP is very helpful, fonts, column widths) and then scan like crazy rather than sort per se.
                The other exercise I have performed is to create a clone file, and in it, then delete every pitching row EXCEPT the last one (date) for each pitcher. Then you have a database of one pitcher-per-row that can be sorted. It's a bit of a chore, however.
                My 2 cents.
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