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Depth Charts during the offseason..

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  • Depth Charts during the offseason..

    Personally, I find a frequently updated, well researched depth chart to be invaluable when thinking about trades, keepers, etc.

    I was wondering why the Depth Charts here at HQ are not updated during the offseason and if there has been discussion before regarding the logic behind not doing so.

    I know there are a number of sites that have depth charts, some of them updated amazingly fast and even some that go to the extent of listing likely callups from AAA, etc., but it would be nice to have HQ's depth charts provide that same depth.

    Just a thought and my apologies if this has been brought up before.

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    scroll down and see the similar threads.


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      I had a hunch it had been brought up before. It doesn't look like it's a big issue for everyone. I guess I was a bit disconcerted that I looked at the Indians depth chart and Barfield hasn't been added at 2B yet......

      I'll continue to use my "other sources" for offseason depth chart info.....
      once a week doesn't seem enough to me with the Winter Meeting coming up and moves happening already. It would be helpful, at the least, to come here and be able to have up to date depth charts every day, but I understand the situation.


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        We are in the midst of a large-scale systems upgrade that will permit us to more easily do daily and on-call updates. At minimum, we will have an update next week after the winter meetings and more frequently thereafter until the system is fully implemented.
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          Thanks for the update Ron. Any increase in updates will be welcomed.

          The site is great as it is, adding a bit more content only keeps us here longer!!!!


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            Depth Chart Updates

            Another thought about depth charts is could you mark the date of the depth chart's last update? It would make it easier to note changes.

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