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What am I missing on HQ website?

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  • What am I missing on HQ website?

    I always feel like the HQ website must have more volume that I am missing. I quickly read the "Daily News and Analysis" and then the "Buyers Guides" and then go to the Subscriber Forums. Outside of the forums I get about 2 minutes of reading a day. I also refer to the player projections from time to time.
    So, my question is, ...Is this pretty much the routine, or is there something I should be spending more time on? I'd love to see the "Daily News and Analysis" grow much larger.
    What's here sure has been helpful.
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    The Daily Callups are useful, but most of the significant callups get mentioned in the forums. I like to check in the bullpen indicators and pitching logs at least once a week, as well as the top ten list.

    But in truth, I'm hardly doing anything now. I've used up all my FA moves in my league, I not much worth trading anymore. And no roster decisions to make as none of my bench is getting regular playing time. So I guess it depends on how active your league is in terms of juggling rosters and lineups and how you are doing.


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      That's pretty similar to how I use HQ. I go to the Command Center and read the relevant links for that day of the week. I also use the Weekly Planner to manage my pitching staff and get 2 start pitchers (or 1 start pitchers vs 0 this week). The Data Downloads are one of the most valuable things on the site. Having the YTD for each week of the season and then at the end of the season allows for a lot of analysis of trends and draft prep. Even if your draft prep is simple sorting by category the download is easy and works well.

      I feel as though i should be getting more out of the Mack Tracker but I haven't really found a good way to use that? Not being able to customize the order of display of stats takes a lot a way from it I think. Maybe someone who uses it can explain what they do?
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        A few other things not mentioned.

        The top 10 list. I check that out every week.

        HQ Radio - Im pretty sure you can listen to that even without a podcast.

        And the minor league articles. Because im a minor league whore. LOL


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          Originally posted by circle360
          HQ Radio - Im pretty sure you can listen to that even without a podcast.
          HQ Radio is available at every Saturday morning. You can also sign up for the podcast at and iTunes.
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            Mack tracker is a good way to compare players, if you're having a hard time on who or how much to FAAB, and/or you're looking at trades. There are a lot of categories you can have listed, and it makes it easy at one glance to compare players.