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E. Gonzalez - ARIZ P (Which is which)

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  • E. Gonzalez - ARIZ P (Which is which)

    E. Gonzalez is a free agent pitcher in our league, and we have to scrape pretty far and wide to come up with guys that eat up Innings Pitched. Looking at the projections under NL, there are 2 lines on top of each other, one for E. Gonzalez ARIZ P, 23 years old and the next one (complete with different projected numbers) is for E. Gonzalez ARIZ P , 23 years old.

    If there is any way that you could continue to spell out their first name until there is a clear difference as to which "E.Gonzalez" we are projecting, that would be a huge help.
    Thanks for looking into this.
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    good catch and something definitely to fix. in the mean time, if you open the "view" file, you can click on the player's name which will take you to his Playerlink page and you'll tell there whether its Enrique or Edgar. I know its not a permanent (or convenient) fix, but it should help in the short term until they get it straightened out.
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