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  • RAY@HQ
    Depth charts are updated each Friday. We currently have Larue still getting 60% of the ABs, with Valentin and Ross are 20%. You're probably right that Ross deserves a bump, I'll pass it along.

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  • sgarvin
    started a topic David Ross

    David Ross

    How often are the depth charts updated? Just curious as to why LaRue continues to be listed as the starting catcher for Cinci? Ross has received the majority of starts over the last three weeks. Is it because the expectation is that LaRue will reclaim the starting job.
    Is HQ expecting Ross to fall flat on his face; I know his projected 5 X 5 value is only at $1.3 (which seems a tad low).

    I'm not picking on HQ but I would like to know the criteria as to how players are listed on the depth charts.