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  • Custom Draft guide/Rotolab

    Why are the weekly projections I download into Rotolab different from the projections in the custom draft guide? Not even close in many instances.

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    The raw projection data (HR, RBI, etc) should be the same on Fridays. Since our projections change daily, the raw data will be different as early as the day after Merv posts the projections... but that shouldn't be significant.

    Now, if you're comparing the Custom Valuator dollar values to Rotolab, that gets messy. If you do a search on Rotolab in these forums, you'll find some threads from Feb/March that talk about this. Basically, you've got a ton of variables on both sides, between category weightings in Rotolab, valuation methods on both sides, etc. Basically, the two tools calculate values differently. You can get the numbers close with some tweaking on either side, but getting them to match isn't going to happen... nor is it expected.