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Injury update issue

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  • Injury update issue

    I posted this in the National League forum but have not gotten a single reply in almost 24 hours. Should this posted somewhere else besides there?

    Default Rich Aurillia 's groin injury
    There's nothing in the NL injury updates at all about him. Groins can be tricky and I'd rather not have to deal off any bench players if he's not that bad or returning relatively soon. Any insight there?

    Thanks in advance!

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    It's not that you posted in the wrong place, I think the problem is that nobody has any insight beyond the news publicly available when he was placed on the DL.


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      But HQ has injury updates here on the site that are dated as well. Why wouldn't Aurillia be listed there Ray?


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        He went on the DL last Thursday, he probably just missed the cutoff for being included in last week's projection update/injury status... those are updated weekly, I think very early on Thursdays. At least, those who compile the data submit it early Thursday, in preparation for Thursday night/Friday morning's site update.

        You should see the update this Friday.


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          Thanks for all the great work in transitioning to daily updates in so many other BBHQ features, but it would be nice to have more frequent updates to both the 'AL/NL Injury Status Update' webpages other than just once a week on Friday? Thanks again.


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            Thanks again to all the BBHQ folks and to Ron for the latest publisher's update (5/25) on the great enhancements coming next month. Hopefully in the near future the injury status details for each player can be revised or updated daily as well, and be linked to all the various other locations within the BBHQ site where injury info is currently displayed?