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xERA different in Playerlink and MACK

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  • xERA different in Playerlink and MACK

    I apoloogize if this has been posted somewhere already. I did a search and did not find anything.

    I believe that the current year xERA numbers are different in MACK and Playerlink. The difference does not appear to be simply due to the timing difference of when the 2 are updated (MACK on Thursday night; Playerlink daily).

    For example. Corey Lidle has not yet had a start since MACK was updated last, so the numbers should be identical. Yet:
    MACK: 2.92 xERA
    Playerlink: 5.41 xERA

    Given his 378 BVP (which is the same in both sources), I assume that the Playerlink numbers are incorrect. I have found this for other players as well such as Escobar, Randy Johnson, Brett Myers, and Roy Oswalt.

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    I see this, and will work on getting it fixed tonight.


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      Thanks for the reply Matt.


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        I corrected this. The projected + ytd # is still a little off. I am working on this.