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  • Player Link Database probs

    Starting a couple weeks ago I began to come up empty when I did specific searches in the player link database. Each day it seems that more and more player requests are coming up blank. Just now Vinnie Castilla and Mike Lowell came up empty.

    Also, the fonts for these pages are all over the place. Something is up and I assume it's at your end. Bad timing, too. I'm trying to analyze a trade offer.

    Any answers?
    (Standard 14-team, 5x5, mixed, keeper. $260. 1.39 inflation at the top of each position. Ten-man Reserve squad populated by a non-positional, post-auction draft.)

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    I can see the Playerlink entries for both Castilla and Lowell. Momentary glitch? Problem with your browser? Don't know, but I can see the data, so you should be able to research your trade now. If you still can't read those player's entries, leave a message and I'll look up whatever you need. / @NickRichardsHQ


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      I have no trouble bringing up Castilla and Lowell. And the fonts are much improved. Try clearing your browser cache and reloading the site.


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        Scroll down - happening with some players today (inge for example)
        mixed keeper auction 16 teams high stakes $ long running with consistent ownership - *16 teams this year 2019*!
        5x5 (obp instead of avg) and 24 active players,10 pitchers.
        8 reserve slots ($3, snake draft). 3 minors slots. 260 budget. 100 faab budget weekly.
        8 roster keepers - max 3 years @ +$3 1st year kept, +$4 2nd year, +$7 third year.
        3 Minors keepers +$1/year


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          this is a problem in Internet Explorer only. I fixed the pitcher pages today, i am looking at the batter ones now.
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