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HQ: This week's projection files are wrong

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  • HQ: This week's projection files are wrong

    Sorry to beat a dead horse, but I'm not sure that HQ folks are necessarily following the "Balance of Year Projections" thread and the "How can we tellwhen weekly projections are posted" thread. Both detail how the current projections (as of Friday morning) are incorrect in several ways. So to make sure these get read, I'm posting this new thread.

    Can we please have an update on what is happening? If the updates for today are done, then at least we know not to wait, and we'll live with wrong data. If they updates are still being worked on, and hopefully bugs are being squished, then can we please have a message when that is done for the day?

    Don't get me wrong, we totally understand that HQ is making major changes, and bugs are inevitable. All I'm asking is that we get word when today's updates are completed. This is important enough I'm risking annoying you by creating this new thread. / @NickRichardsHQ

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    This has been fixed.
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      Thank you.

      EDITED TO ADD: Linebrink still shows as a 4.93 ERA so far this season. That is still wrong and unchanged. Perhaps this is a special case where his numbers are in your system incorrectly. I'm just hoping it isn't a symptom of a larger problem affecting more players, and that I didn't just get lucky by checking his numbers. / @NickRichardsHQ


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        Another potential data problem: Jason Bergmann last week went from great BPIs to horrible BPIs. I pointed this out last week, and this week he remains terrible, though not nearly as terrible. He went from $-32 in projected R$ value to a mere $-14. He still shows a projected ERA of 9.69 and a projected WHIP of 2.38, with hr/9 of 4.5. This is such a whiplash of a change from preseason projections, I have to wonder if it's correct. I realize the 2/3 of an IP he has appeared so far were pretty bad, but is it really true that 2/3 IP caused you to "adjust" his projected 2006 BPIs from:

        3.3 Ctl, 8.0 Dom, 0.8 hr/9, 75 BPV

        to his current

        6.9 Ctl, 9.4 Dom, 5.1 hr/9, -68 BPV?

        EDITED TO ADD: Those numbers are based on the Custom Valuator for my NL 5x5 12-team league. I will note that the numbers for Bergmann in the standard projection files are: 4.5 hr/9 and -51 BPV.
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          I am looking into it.