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    Now I need to revive this thread. How do you run VLookups based on the new projection format (separate cell for last and first name)? What would you consider to be more important, YTD BPI's or Projected BPI's.


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      If you need to combine the first and last name (assume they're in columns A and B), a simple way is to create a formula in column C, which is A1&","&B1 -- that will take the last name in A1, add a comma, and then add in the first name in B1 -- which is how the names used to look in BBHQ. The CONCATENATE function does something similar.

      Your question on BPI's to look at is a good one. At this point in the season, look at projected. But as the season wears on you have to start giving more weight to actual BPI's, even if they conflict with projected ones.


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        Although I'm sure HQ takes YTD BPIs into consideration when they update their Projected BPIs. Assuming that is the case, use the Projected ones. / @NickRichardsHQ


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          my 2 cents..

          Any recommendations are welcome. I think HQ's analysis is the finest around but unfortunately it doesn't always cater to points-based leagues. According to Ron's article a few weeks back, they might not ever. If you ever feel like it though, my wish list which would make life so much easier for us point guys.

          1. Include Plate Appearences in spreadsheets instead of AB, or in addition to.
          2. Include projected playing time (the percentage that is on the playerlink page).
          3. Offer a mixed version of both files so those of us in mixed leagues need to do less prep work.

          That said, my spreadsheet is too big to attach to the forum, but you can download it here. I always like to know who is underachieving and who is overachieving. I start by downloading the current batter's sheets. Then I mock it up like you see in the downloaded file. The yellow colors are "projected", the grey are "current". Hopefully you have a big monito and don't mind 1600 x 1200 resolution or bigger...

          Colum I is current points, J is Projected points, K is current points per 100 PA (Plate Appearences are estimated by AB+BB) and L is Projected points per 100 PAs. (SFn = So Far Normalized, Pn = Projected normalized). "So Far" is the less scientific way of satying "Current." As in, "He has 115 points so far..."

          Column M is how far above or below a batter is performing. So currently, projected to 100 PAs, Jim Thome is doing 58 points better than HQ projected him at (whoa).

          I used standard point stuff. HR=4, T=3, D=2, S=1, R=1, RBI=1, K=-1, SB=2, CS=-1

          That's it, you can sort on column AP and delete anyone who has less than xx ABs (where xx = your minimum accepted sample size).

          Oh, and ignore the beige colored names, those are the guys on my team (go Nick Johnson). Also note that Jason Kubel would be the 10th best batter in baseball if he received 100% playing time. So his HQ projections might be a bit off (or they might be right and I should get him now before he's called up!)