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  • Oddball projection files

    Trying to answer a simple question, comparing Brad Penny among NL 5x5 pitchers to Jose Guillen among NL 5x5 hitters.

    Two weeks ago, I just click on the projections, they open up in Excel, I do a couple sorts, and I have my answer.

    Now there are some actual stats and the waters are muddied. For instance Ben Sheets is still listed at $23 in 5x5 value with no stats yet, while Turnbow is shown at $50 presumably on the strength of 4 early saves, not a full year of production. So there's apparently some mixing of YTD values with projected values going forward all in the same column.

    It would be REALLY helpful if this could be fixed.

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    Here's another one:

    Derrek Lee 595 AB, .302 AVG, 45 HR, 117 RBI, 16 SB, $ 57 R$

    Albert Pujols 587 AB, .332 AVG, 45 HR, 122 RBI, 12 SB, $ 43 R$

    Unless I'm not reading the new file correctly, I don't see how these two R$'s can be correct.