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    5 x5 values with new format...

    Why was the format changed? I loved the old format, and didn't see any problems that warranted a change, really. The one thing that I really don't like is with the projected 5 x 5 values for hitters and pitchers. All of them are whole numbers, as opposed to the old format which listed them in dollars and cents. This makes it a lot harder to differentiate between some players. If that problem gets corrected, It would be a lot easier for me to be on board with this new format.


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      I am having serious problems with the new format.

      1) It does not have first names, so I cannot automatically merge it with my present excel spreadsheets from past week projections (which require the players names to exactly match)

      2) Only the "projections" files has first names, but that file is missing dozens of players (The number of pitchers dropped from 542 last week to 502). Furthermore, it does not include current stats, so I still need the other files to rebuild the kind of spreadsheet we used to get.

      I appreciate HQ's continuous efforts to improve the website. And I hope that eventually I will prefer this format. At this point, however, it is a major headache.

      It seems that HQ's vision is to help us do more data manipulation on the player projection webpage itself (hence, the sorting ability, etc).

      But I would rather do the data manipulation in my own excel file. Therefore, I would happily sacirifice all the online bells and whistles for a basic, easily downloadable excel file (which is what the previous format was).

      Just my 2 cents. But please, add the first names so I can merge this week's projections into my previous projections. Thanks Ron.
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        Not everyone knows how to use Excel. So I understand their desire to give data manipulation on the web site itself. That's very handy. / @NickRichardsHQ


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          To clarify my earlier message...

          I was referring to the 5 x 5 values on the file that I downloaded to Excel. They all appear as whole numbers on the website version, of course. However, it was really a lot easier to get a little more meticulous with the old format, where you could see the dollar values with the decimals carried out (on the Excel version). I would love to have this capability with this new format. Thanks for listening.


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            I fixed a bunch of small issues with the projections, Full first names now appear on the csv downloads. All of them should have very similar general player data. Also There was a bug with 5x5 values over such a small sample set, causing lots of players to get overvalued.

            We wanted to get the data in the hands of the users as quickly as possible. We are already working on a streamlined look to the web version of the pages, that matches the rest of the site, the current look and feel was taken directly from the old projection pages. The data itself should remain unchanged. The CSV files will not change however, unless we find a bug.

            On the new projections and playerlink for that matter one of the big advantages over last year is Daily updates of stats, with rolling 7 and 31 day lines.


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              the CSV files on NL batters seem to have YTD R$, but no projected R$.


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                Projection Files

                To the HQ staff -

                I appreciate your efforts in making BaseballHQ THE site for RotoGeeks like myself. The only comment that I'd like to make is:

                Can we get a little heads up next time you're planning to make a change as drastic as this?

                If we knew that you were planning to change the formatting, maybe give us a little preview of what we can expect, those of us that use vlookup functions, Access databases, and pivot tables would have the opportunity to make whatever changes that need to be made BEFORE the season starts.

                Again, I appreciate the effort, just a little notice beforehand would help those of us that like to manipulate the data on our own.




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                  One more request - Can we get a heads-up when the bugs have been worked out of these new files (For the most part of course)?


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                    Also -

                    I went into the CSV spreadsheets for AL Pitch and NL Pitch, and most of the column headers are not complete, they just say "Proj" or "YTD" without listing what statistic they are referring to.
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                      HQ guys -- FYI, when I sorted by clicking on a column heading (using IE) I got this:

                      "You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'DESC LIMIT 18446744073709551615' at line 1"

                      Also, as I mentioned in another thread, these dollar values are totally screwed up. It seems as if some ridiculous ones are mixed in with legitimate ones, so it is not a global issue (which probably makes it that much tougher to fix).

                      As others have said, thanks for all of your hard work, and know you have our patience. My only concern is making sure that the data gets fixed at some point. These are being held out right now as HQ's projections, and the $ values are completely off -- this basically makes this week's projections useless until some faith can be placed in the information.


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                        Just another note that "Jairo Garcia" is still in the pitcher's lists.
               / @NickRichardsHQ


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                            Is there any chance you have an easy way of posting a name 'translation' file, which translates the 'old' HQ name for a person to the 'new' HQ name for a person? I'm going to have to build one myself, but since I'm lazy...


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                              It appears that several players who transferred leagues this year are not listed in either file:
                              (Spiezio, Munson, Jose Hernandez, LeCroy) in the NL
                              (Adrian Brown, Jiminez) in the AL


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                                The players who are missing shoud now be there, good catch.