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  • valuator question

    I'm new to h2h points leagues, drafting next week, and wondering how I can use the valuator to get a sense as to how this system impacts who i should target. Is there any suggestion as to what I should use for inputs to come close to this espn system?

    Points: one for single, two double, three triple, four hr, one each for rbi, bb or run, two for sbs.
    Pitching: 10 each for a win or save, five for cg, 1 for k, -.5 for bb or hit allowed, two for ip, -1 for each earned run.

    any general tips on h2h strategy welcome of course

    p.s. -- ignore tag on bottom, that is for another league.
    Primary league: 5x5 20 team mixed, non-keeper Yahoo league, 16-man active rosters, four-man reserves.

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    No need to use the Valuator, just download the Excel projections and create a new column in the spreadsheet that calculates projected points for everyone in your format. Sort by that new column, and "voila", instant custom values.