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  • Copying into Excel

    I believe I ran into this problem last year and HQ fixed it.

    I'm trying to bring the Depth Chart into Excel. It won't copy/paste or paste special. I believe it views everything as a "link" and the formatting in Excel is all messed up.

    Any have any ideas?

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    Here's how I did it, but it's not straightforward:

    1. You could just select the entire page, but I highlighted everything from "ON THIS CHART" all the way down to the last player in the last column. Don't just highlight the table itself (from the first 'Pos' heading) - you need some of the text that precedes it. Use Edit, Copy.

    2. In Excel, put cursor in first cell, then use Edit, Paste. Now you've got the chart, but all of the players are still hyperlinks. With the entire report still selected from your Paste operation, do another Edit, Copy.

    3. On a blank sheet, use Edit, Paste Special, Values. All of the data will be pasted as text only, with no hyperlinks. You can then delete the original sheet with the hyperlinks.


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      I'll also point out that your browser can make a difference. I've copied and pasted the exact same data from Firefox and IE and because Microsoft apps are "designed" to work together, the data comes over much more cleanly, especially tabular data like this, if you start in IE.
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