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    Just a suggestion, but lots of times I like to print out an article to read or review later. You know how on some sites (CNN, etc.) there is a "Print" function that opens up a new page without the banners and headings so you can just print the article?

    That would be awesome.
    What's the rumpus?

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    Old Tom,

    I think BBHQ's technical support staff fixed this about 3 weeks ago.

    Pull up an article and on the monitor you'll see the banner at the top and the menu at the left, etc. but if you click on print preview you'll should find that your browser is ready to print a clean print-friendly version. The text wraps around correctly too. I don't know how it works like that, but that's what I get using Windows / Internet Explorer.
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      Outstanding. I've been doing the copy-and-paste to Word, and can't believe I missed this. Thanks.

      Now if they just had a message board where we could exchange information and ideas with other fanalytic players and this site would be perfect.
      What's the rumpus?